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Concrete Polishing and Staining

It used to be that concrete floors were reserved for industrial areas.  Now, they’re found in big box-retailers, churches, airports, malls, and convention halls.  Additionally, they’re becoming more popular in homes and commercial designs.  Part of their popularity lies in their durability and easy maintenance.  Plus, they hold up well to heavy forklift and foot traffic.   Even many architects, designers, and contractors now specify concrete as a green, earth-friendly building material.

Polishing and staining is a multi-step process where the customer can choose the level of shine from a satin finish to high gloss.   Polished concrete, when done properly, is highly reflective and can resemble marble or granite flooring by applying stain during the polishing process. To produce a terrazzo look, we grind through the top few millimeters of concrete to expose the aggregate.   As part of the process, heavy-duty equipment is used with progressively finer, diamond-impregnated disks.  Our experienced crews know when to switch to the next-finer grit by observing the floor surface and the amount of material being removed.

We offer the following grades of finish for your floor:

  • Grade 1 – Light Sand: This is a ground and polished surface generally exposing only the sand particles in the floor.  It’s considered a creamy looking surface and is a very popular choice for both architectural ground and polished flooring.
  • Grade 2 – Salt & Pepper Finish:  This is a ground and polished surface that typically exposes a small amount of aggregate in the floor. This finish is normally chosen to give the appearance of an aged surface.
  • Grade 3: Aggregate Finish:  This is a deeper cut surface generally exposing the largest amount of aggregate in the floor.  It’s typically chosen when the concrete has been seeded with custom aggregate chips.

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  • Cleaning, Buffing, Polishing, Stripping, Waxing of all hard surface floors

Step Two: Choose Your Class:

  • CLASS 1 – Low Reflectivity, 400 to 800 grit
  • CLASS 2 – Medium Reflectivity, 800 to 1500 grit
  • CLASS 3 – High Reflectivity, 1500 to 3000 grit

Step Three: Choose Your Color

  • (Natural or Stain)

Step Four:

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