Hardwood flooring in Odenton, MD

Hardwood flooring in Odenton, MD

Whether you’re considering re-doing your home’s floors, or looking for new floors for your brand new office building, choosing which type of flooring you’ll be walking on for many years to come can be a bit stressful for most. With the vast array of options out there nowadays for floors, how do you  know which style is right for you? If you’re looking for something that’s going to be stylish, classic, and increase the value of your home, you should consider hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors offer a number of advantages for homeowners and businesses smart enough to have them, here are just a few:

Classic Style

Hardwood floors have been around since we started building houses. They are one of the few features of houses that never really went out of style. While the architecture of houses and businesses changed over decades, housing with wood floors never fail to make a classic, stylish impression.

Better for cleaning

Carpets and vinyl flooring while appropriate in some settings, can cause health hazards for people living with allergies or pets. Carpets host a number of dust mites, allergies and bacteria that’s tracked in from the outdoors and unless routinely shampooed, you can never really guarantee a carpeted floor will ever be 100% clean.

Wood floors make it easy to spot dirt and dust and when cleaned properly can help keep your home stay cleaner and smell fresher even if you have pets.

Increased Property Value

Hardwood floors are a wonderful selling point and feature to mention when you are looking to sell your house. The versatility of a hardwood floor is extremely appealing to house hunters; meaning they can paint it, add throw rugs on top, do some hardwood floor refinishing to bring it new life, or even put carpet over it easily (if you really want to). Moving into a house with existing hardwood floors is a nice way for new homeowners to save money that they would have spent on wood floor installation for a different house.

What is the next step?

If you’re living in Odenton, MD and looking to take the next step on improving your home’s style and value, FloorGem Services, Inc is ready to help you refinish your wood floors, or install new hardwood flooring that fits your style and budget. We are neighbors and friends of the Odenton community and serving you through our exceptional floor contracting services is what we love to do. Finding an affordable, trustworthy floor contractor in Maryland isn’t always easy, and that is why we are proud of every job we complete. Let us know how we can help you with all of your flooring needs and give us a call today at 301-384-6608!

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FloorGem Services specializes in any type of hard surface floor cleaning including the following services:

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  • Refinishing
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  • Detail Cleaning
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  • Janitorial Services.