Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Don’t Change What’s Good

Does your hardwood floor look old?  Are scratches a problem every time you want to shine your floor?  Maybe you love your current flooring and don’t want to replace it because it matches your home so well and you hate to see it go.  So don’t change it….refinishing the floor could be the solution for you.  You can now save time and money refinishing your floor, while keeping the warm, aristocratic air that your old hardwood floor you’ve grown to love so dearly gives your home.

Who are we?

FloorGem offers you a wide variety of services including repairing worn or bare spots, waxing, screening and re-coating.  The beauty and elegance of wood floor is irreplaceable and if you already have a hardwood floor, maybe all it needs is a little revitalization to bring it back to life.

Our professional team at FloorGem has more than 15 years of experience in working with all kinds of materials, including bamboo, wood, ceramic and concrete.  We offer quality services catered to meet your specific flooring needs.

Proper Solutions

Whether your problems are some small surface scratches that need to be removed, or you need a complete face lift for your hardwood floor, we can help you.

Does your waxed wood floor seems too difficult to maintain?  Our contractors will work with you to find the solution to whatever challenge your facing with your current flooring.  For floors that require too much time and maintenance we can change the current finish into a lower maintenance one.  Or, even more, you can choose to change the sheen level of the finish, giving some fresh vibrant air to your home.

We Have Solutions for Every Problem

For example, did you just change the railing of your stairs and the color doesn’t match anymore?  Replacing the whole structure might cost you a lot of money and time.  But here’s another option: refinish just the superficial layer of your hardwood stairs which will give your stairs a whole new look and feel.

Time inevitably leaves behind scratches and marring on your floor. Because of this our refinishing process includes trituration of the old finish on an existing floor to make it compatible for recoating.  Also, our professionals can apply a new layer of finish if that’s what you want.  And because you want your floor to receive the best treatment, the screening process is “a Must.”  We will thoroughly buff the hardwood floor to not only loosen buildup on wood flooring, but also remove all of the impurities that could harm a new finish bond on the hardwood floor.

Our company guarantees quality work and superior service.  Your floor will look like new, maintaining its durability and beauty for many years to come.

Revitalize Your Home NOW.

Get in touch with one of our representatives for current offers and pricing. FloorGem has a perfect solution for your flooring needs.  Don’t change something that’s still valuable.

Click on Request a free estimate to get a quote.  We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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