Concrete Restoration Services

Concrete Restoration Services

Your concrete surfaces need attention on a regular basis, even between cleanings and maintenance. If properly maintained, your concrete surfaces will look beautiful for many years to come, but sometimes damage happens or neglect occurs and that requires Floor Gem to come in with our concrete restoration services.

Concrete Maintenance Services

Because concrete seems so strong, hearing the terms “concrete maintenance” may sound strange, but it is a very important and often vital part of having concrete. Floor Gem has the experienced and qualified staff to provide complete maintenance to your concrete surfaces. Even if your concrete only needs a regularly scheduled cleaning, taking care of your concrete floor or parking lot is needed to keep it functioning correctly and looking great.

Concrete Restoration

If your concrete surfaces are starting to look neglected, then contacting Floor Gem is the best thing you can do. We can resurrect your surfaces with protective coatings, cleaning, and repairs so that they return to their original beauty. Customers and employees will enjoy a clean and safe concrete surface so that walking and driving is comfortable.

Concrete Repair

We are able to handle surfaces for government buildings, hotels, schools, and hospitals because our employees are able to go into all areas without any concerns. Repairing your concrete takes a special effort, so we have the most qualified team to take care of all repair and restoration work. If repairs are neglected, then more problems can arise and more extensive work may be necessary to repair your concrete.

Schedule Your Services

To maintain your concrete surfaces, Floor Gem provides a scheduled weekly and monthly service where we will come out to your location and check for any problems. We can also service larger locations like convention centers and malls, which have large amounts of concrete to inspect and service. You cannot go wrong choosing Floor Gem for your concrete surfaces.

About Us

We are a top concrete restoration and maintenance service in the greater Washington, D.C. area. We take pride in providing our customers exceptional service for a great value. Our dedication to our customers and the quality of work we provide is our top priority. If you are in need of any concrete restoration, repair, or cleaning services, contact Floor Gem and we will be able to handle any services you require. Night or day, our staff is ready to help you out.

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